Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Does a Snow Day Look Like for Homeschoolers

Well if it is the first snow of the year, then it looks like this:

Not to sure about this stuff.

Pretty sure she doesn't like this stuff.
Absolutely sure he doesn't like this stuff.

To give them credit. They do like snow and are still outside playing as I am writing this. It is however, not quite snow, more of a slush. So to make them extremely happy (and warm) I am starting a fire. And we will probably have some hot chocolate as well.

 Do we do this every snow day? No. For the rest of the year it will be school as usual even if it snows. Homeschooling is flexible and after four years of this, Alex at least knows are traditions. He was the first one to remind me that there is no school for the first snow. Hopefully these will be good memories for my kids when they look back at our homeschooling journey.

Oh yes, can't forget the "snow dog"

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  1. Love the pictures, and also your little tradition of celebrating the first snow of the year with a no school day! Cute!!!